To build a smart place, our partners undoubtedly play a huge role. That’s why for this year’s ideas@work campaign, one of our pillars will be “Stronger Partnerships” to invite all colleagues to submit ideas that formulate strategic, long-term partnerships that lead to win-win situations.
But what are the key elements of “Stronger Partnerships”? To answer this question, we sat down with Mrs Kok and Dr Raymond Yau to get their insights and successful examples from TSSD.
Stronger Partnerships—
Drawing on subject experts to pave the future of SPL
“A strong partnership is built on long-term and strategic thinking, with the goal of achieving a win-win situation.”
One of the best examples of “Stronger Partnerships” at SPL is our collaboration with Tsinghua University which led to the creation of the Joint Research Centre. Now in its 10th year, our partnership with Tsinghua provided us with technical support and expertise for target-based research; while the Company offered platforms to turn their research into real-life test cases, as well as research funding.
Everyone Counts
“Everyone involved in our business is a PARTNER – from tenants, suppliers, to the colleagues working next to you.”
This concept of everyone counts, teamwork and working towards a shared vision has long been in our DNA and is embodied in the “Sustainability We All Count” campaign. SPL is a People company – it always has been and always will be. And it’s our own People and our Partners who’ll make us the leading sustainable development performer in our industry globally by 2030, and eventually drive our industry to new levels.
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