2020 has no doubt been a challenging year for the entire retail sector, yet we have stayed ahead of our competitors through our continuous effort in providing “Better Experience” to our tenant partners and our customer. We are lucky to have Han Zhi, Retail Director to share a few words with us on our past achievements and his roadmap for “Better Experience” moving forward.
Transforming experiences for our tenant partners and customers:
Our retail vision statement is to be the most reliable business enabler for our retail partners – and this has really been put to test by the challenging pandemic situation in 2020. Our unique portfolio management model of having a single contact point for leasing and management has allowed for quick reaction, seamless communication and continuous support. In turn, this earned us a great amount of trust from our tenants and has established our post-Covid resilience, ultimately enabling us to turn a crisis into an opportunity.
We have also taken an all rounded approach to elevate every customer touchpoint in 2020. In order to provide world class customer services, we have adopted a more direct approach , e.g. VIP teams, to help us understand our members’ needs and provide tailored services and offers, thereby forming a positive loop in enhancing customer experience. What’s more, we’ve had many ‘First ever in…’ this year and have added lots of new and exciting socialising moments to create social currency for the new generation of customers and to increase their stickiness – a great example is our upcoming Qiantan project!
2021: creation, recreation and co-creation of spaces
Placemaking is a core pillar of our SD 2030 vision. And to make a good place, we must first have a people-centric mentality in order to create seamless and best in class experiences for our customers. In the coming year, a key area to focus on is the creative transformation of spaces – to create immersive experiences, recreate our neighbouring districts and co-create with our partners. To supplement this, is the mixes and matches of different uses within the same space or even same building to an organic microenvironment that enables socialisation and innovation, i.e. ‘mini mixed-use’ initiatives.
Looking ahead to 2021, locality and digital experiences are also key trends to look into. This involves how we may create special and innovative experiences through reinterpreting the unique local culture of each city, as well as how we may enhance our digital touchpoints and reach further integration to elevate cross-city experiences that create synergy.
To all idea creators: Small details matter, take your time to experience more.
A good idea is not necessarily one of large scale, but is often down to the details. Tiny little details affect how people experience differently and, hence, these intricate details matter the most in curating the best experiences. Do take the time to make more observations and indulge yourselves in these first-hand experiences. You may be surprised by the thoughts and ideas triggered in the process!
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