Smarter Process is a well-established pillar of ideas@work and has successfully driven the direction of our 2020 ideas to create tangible business impact. Join our quick chat with Fanny Lung, Finance Director, to learn more about the success of Smarter Process in 2020 and her vision looking forward into 2021!
A Quick Review on Smarter Process in 2020
2020 was a triumphant year for Smarter Process! On top of the many brilliant ideas submitted to this pillar, it was exciting to see most of these projects successfully come to life. Yet, one of our major achievements in 2020 is on mindset change.
The most representative of “Smarter Process” is definitely our month-end closing project using six sigma methodology! This project is one that required no world-class tech and was no rocket science – but only required a cross-team effort to review and standardize their process and change their workflow a little here and there. To me, this is a project that best represents “Smarter Process” as it involved lots of people, cross-team collaboration and most importantly a change in mindset!
#Start small – a step-by-step approach
It is encouraging to see that the Smarter Process projects in the pipeline by finance team are not only limited to those submitted to ideas@work, but more new and innovative ideas are evolved as there has been a change in colleagues’ mindset once they experienced the success of these innovative projects.
There are lots of areas we can work ‘smarter’, and we should take a step-by-step approach: to start from a simple small process in one team, once we get a quick win that will build the confidence of our staff, we can then equip them with new technology knowledge so that they can explore and try out more complicated cross-team projects. Ultimately this will step-by-step help transform SPL into a smarter place.
Words of Encouragement:
Senior management’s support is always here! We are very open-minded and excited to see new ideas, big or small. Don’t hesitate to innovate - start with something small and build up your confidence, eventually you will be part of making big changes in the company. If you have any great ideas in mind, submit your ideas now!
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